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Our Vision

We aim to revolutionise traditional outdoor furniture and make a difference to the urban minded by creating accessible outdoors through functional flexible affordable designs and niche furnishings.

We strive for excellence every day. We are fully invested in our work, executing every task with pride and a passion for detail.

About the Balconzept

Designed by renowned Berlin architect and designer Michael Hilgers, the Balconzept is a mini workstation that simply hooks over your balcony railing to convert your balcony into a workspace, table, planterbox or a drinks cooler.

Manufactured in Australia from solid recyclable polyethylene plastic, Balkonzept is a contemporary spin on a traditional design to complement your existing outdoor area and add a practical, urban flair.

In short, it’s an innovative furnishing concept for small balconies and apartment living.

The Balconzept is a dependable solution for small space organization and urban gardening. It transforms the way you use your space, making it possible to work, live and enjoy the day on your balcony, by the pool, in fact anywhere there is a railing. Simply place the table over the railing and pull up a chair.

The Balconzept features a built-in multi-functional storage area which can serve as a planter box for growing herbs or flowers, as magazine storage, or as a convenient ice bucket wine cooler for the impromptu gathering on your balcony.

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