Why you should buy Australian made furniture.

As consumers in Australia, we seem to be getting less value for greater expense. When we purchase expensive furniture from retailers, not only is delivery extra, but it comes in a flat packed box and we are expected to spend many frustrating hours building the furniture, only to have spare pieces or bolts left – and not being sure if you have done something wrong, or if there were spares.

So where did old fashion service go? With the increasing cost savings being made by retailers to source their furniture from overseas, increasing profit margins and saved man hours through the assembly, we have just succumbed to the fact this is ‘just how things are’.

Is it any wonder that more and more people are purchasing their furniture online, where many companies offer free delivery, great service and essentially the same products to customers?

Not only this, but Australian jobs have been well and truly made redundant with saw mills and highly skilled craftsmen going out of business, as the international imports are simply too cheap, too easy for retailers to make money, even if they are not to the same great quality.

There is nothing wrong with Australian design and ingenuity, from the Hills Hoist, Wi-Fi to the black box flight recorder, we know how to make things great. So, as consumers in Australia, we need to look harder for great Australian made products, sporting the Green and Gold kangaroo, and make sure we are supporting the companies that support our economy, our jobs, and our innovation.

Australian made furniture comes with guarantees of quality, of craftsmanship and if something goes wrong, you can speak to the people that built it to find out why. It would be very difficult to speak to the Malaysian factory that produced your flat packed table from one of ‘Australia’s best furniture retailers’, wouldn’t it?

Looking around at Australian Made products, the Balcony Koncepts table is one such product that is made on Queensland’s Gold Coast and is changing the way people enjoy the outdoors. From outdoor dining, creating a great functional workspace or giving the kids a place to do arts and craft in the fresh air, this is a game changer.

Designed in Germany, owned and built in Australia, Balcony Koncepts are supporting Aussie jobs, using recycled materials and providing solutions where the big retailers had none. Check them out today at

Marketing_AdminWhy you should buy Australian made furniture.
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Are our houses getting smaller?

The great Australian dream used to be about getting the white picket fence, the veranda out the front, the clothesline out the back – the Hills Hoist of course – and the old rocking chair.

But these days residential housing seems to be going upwards not outwards. Even in the outer cities and regional areas of our townships around the country, apartment and high-rise living is becoming far more that simply a ‘holiday home’.

This trend to many is ‘ruining the skylines’ of our country, however, with the skyrocketing housing prices in most major areas, where even areas 150km out of Brisbane have seen increases of over 39.5% increases in property prices over the past five years. For many of Australia’s first home buyers, young people and people wanting to live closer than 150km to work, the reality is that high rise or apartment living is the only option within reach.

You only need to look at the average size around the world to see the way the housing market is changing size-wise. In Australia, even with the huge amount of ‘urbanisation’ and new apartment builds, we have some of the largest homes on average in the world.

For city dwellers their homes and apartments can be anywhere around the size of 65m2, 90m2, 120m2 for 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments, this is a far cry from the 214m2 that are being enjoyed by the average household around Australia.

Looking at any of the dozens of ‘house hunters’ style lifestyle shows, you can only see the despair in people’s faces as they move from the USA or regional areas of Europe into the cities where space is in many cases half or smaller than what they were used to.

With the increasing demand to be functional with every area in our homes, it is important to look overseas for inspiration in how to get the most out of the limited space in your homes. Asia and Europe have been dealing with spaces getting smaller for a long time now, and have adapted their use of space, their lifestyles and their spaces to the available space in their home.

With sprawling bedroom, dining, living, rumpus rooms being reduced to a combined kitchen, dining, living area in your apartments, there is a need to downsize and reduce the clutter. In the same way, your outdoor dining and living areas move from a 6-seater table to something a lot smaller to suit smaller urban spaces.

The Australian made & German designed Balcony Koncepts table is one solution opening up outdoor living space in our urban areas. Through its innovative design, great range of colours, durable recycled materials and ‘easy to affix’ design, the Balconzept is revolutionising how people are maximising their outdoor space, in small areas.

Don’t leave your home or outdoor areas cluttered with bulky items that are not fit for purpose, which changing lifestyles we need changing items that support our comfort. Visit today to review their range of great Australian made products to downsize without compromise.

Marketing_AdminAre our houses getting smaller?
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Need to sort out your outdoor living space issues? Here’s how

There is nothing better that an outdoor living space in your home. But let’s face it; we don’t all live in grand houses with an abundance of space to create lavish outdoor dining areas.

With the increasing number of high-rise and apartment buildings being built around Australia, especially the eastern seaboard, Aussies are being challenged on how to transform their small balcony spaces to a functional, outdoor living area.

The increase in popularity of compact balcony lifestyle options such as the mini sized BBQ has created a wave of innovative outdoor options for individual looking to relax in their outdoor area, without needing supersized items. Weber is a great example of a company that has worked wonders minimising outdoor lifestyle products, with the Weber company seeing a gap in the apartment and compact living market for portable BBQ’s and creating a massive following in the Australian market.

As well as portable BBQ’s such as the Weber range other great space saving solutions can be found in the form of outdoor furniture solutions, Esky units with seating options and even outdoor furniture and storage chests that can store outdoor cushions and BBQ items in an effort to reduce clutter.

Likewise, if you have moved to an apartment, villa or unit, and are looking for a balcony table that suits the size constraints of a small outdoor space it can be a challenge to find a balcony table or furniture to suit – until now.

Balcony Koncepts have brought German design to Australia. The company manufacture their innovative balcony table on the sunny Gold Coast and offer exceptional space saving balcony railing tables that are perfectly suited to solve the outdoor living problem.

With an ingenious clamping system, storage in the back and ample space to fit 1-2 chairs behind for just about any purpose, the Balconzept is bringing style and practicality to small outdoor living spaces.

From creating an outdoor desk for reading or computer work to a painting table for your children, or to assist during some afternoon entertaining, the balcony table is ideally suited for every compact outdoor living space.

The balcony table doesn’t just offer you solutions for your home, but it can be taken almost anywhere. If you have a railing you can attach it to, you can set yourself up a table for two for the perfect picnic table.

To find out more about the Balcony Koncepts table, speak with the team today or visit our website to purchase your balcony table for only $199 plus postage across Australia.

With no support legs taking up valuable space, you can put chairs (or wheel chairs) underneath the table with ease and with the great storage options in the back of the table, it is the perfect table for enjoying the outdoors.

Why should you be bound to a small balcony that fits your air conditioner, BBQ and that’s about all – well not you don’t need to. Install a Balconzept and start enjoying the functional space that you never knew you could.

Marketing_AdminNeed to sort out your outdoor living space issues? Here’s how
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