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Tips for maximising space in apartment living

As individuals flock to densely populated urban areas, the demand for apartment living increases and our space to entertain becomes challenging – all in all our old furniture simply can’t keep up with the needs of apartment living.

When moving into an apartment, it is vital that every usable space is utilised to its full potential. Dense urban living in Europe has created ‘smart space’ giants such as Ikea, that have taught customers how to use every bit of space, in multiple ways to increase a home’s liveability.

However, one area that the major retailers and manufacturers miss is the outdoor living space, particularly maximising the balcony area with innovative furniture that is truly functional. In Australia’s northern states the balcony is used year round for work, play, rest…just about anything.

So, how can you maximise your space on your balcony, without filling it with bulky chairs and tables sold at most furniture stores which would be better suited in a large restaurant? There is a simple answer that has come out of the region that has been dealing with space saving innovations for decades – Germany.

The Balconzept is produced in Australia by local company Balcony Koncepts and does all of the above and more. The functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing balcony railing table allows for 1-2 chairs to be comfortably placed behind the table and offers a range of usage and storage options that is far beyond the capability of your typical table.

With storage in the back allowing for planter boxes, paints or even a cheeky bottle of wine, you can entertain, read, eat, study well…just about anything on your balcony now with ease.

The Balconzept balcony table brings style, functionality and ingenuity to your balcony, adding that valuable space you have been looking for, without the hefty price tags – or the table legs.

From a BBQ storage area, children play desk, dining table for two, or an outdoor study desk; you could go a long way to find practical space saving and design like that from Balcony Koncepts.

As our apartments become smaller and our lives become busier Balcony Koncepts are providing space saving solutions for you and your family.

Visit our shop today to view the attractive range of colours, features and order yours today to enjoy your outdoor living. Balcony tables are shipped Australia wide and are priced at an affordable $199 plus shipping.

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